Thursday, April 21, 2011

Spring Into Spring: Natural Ways To Get More Energy

Feeling stressed, low on energy and tired? Or as the classic I Love Lucy commercial goes: "Do you poop out at parties?". Who doesn't love Lucy and that episode with the Vitametavegamin? My candle business team has had many laughs about exactly that when talking about balancing business and the hustle-bustle of daily life, courtesy of Darren Sanford, one of my team partners from It Makes Scents.

Our team has had some incredible giggles during our past Weekly Team Conference Calls about just that subject matter (and Darren does one heck of an impression of the whole comedy routine). But, let me ask WAHMs - How true is it sometimes?

Don't we all have days that present their challenges where we just feel tired, sluggish and un-motivated? Sometimes there is just a very fine line for a WAHM trying to be a business person while balancing the sometimes chaos of a house full of children and housework? How many times have you woke up and needed the reinforcement of a strong cup of coffee just to attempt to motivate after being up with a sick child all night?

Being a WAHM definitely has it's perks but I think anyone who works from home can relate to those "less than perfect" days. How can you get back on your game?

This WAHM can't live without her morning cup of coffee so I have no room to talk but caffeine really isn't the best solution, because the "up" is followed by a "down" and let's face it, we can't drink coffee all day. Spoken by Ms. Morning Blend here but it's true.

Alla Berger of Modern Mom recently published a great article about just this subject matter that I wanted to pass along as particular interest to WAHMs who sometimes feel just these things. You can check it out here:

She offers some great suggestions to pump up your energy level without a high test cup of coffee. Take a look and let me know what you other WAHMs think. I especially like her idea of turning on some good music. A good tune can work wonders and really energize.

More from me soon. Right now I'm going to turn on some good tunes myself. Make it a great week everyone!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

MIA Blogger Springs Back Into Action.....

It has been way to long since I've been here blogging. While there are many reasons for my absence, it's Spring and time to Spring Into Action.

For those in the northern states, Spring is such a great time of renewal and while I love life in Southwest Florida, I miss the changing of the seasons. Spring is such a time of rebirth, renewal, growth and change. While our natural surroundings show constant signs of it, we too can make this time of year a time of growth, new beginnings and renewals.

I haven't had time to really share my journeys in the past few months and want to share in more detail in future blog posts because I think it's important. But for now, let's just say that I have a new lease on life as I knew it before. With my adventures this past winter, I realize even moreso how very precious life is and how new beginnings and renewal is such an important part of our lives.

I did not go public with everything that was going on, but in retrospect, maybe I should have. As many of you know, cancer has affected my life in many ways especially through the loss of loved ones and good friends. I am passionate about cancer related causes and early detection. Early detection saves lives - a fact I've always believed but am now living proof of.

During my absence here, the message of early detection hit home in my personal life. I am now proud to say I'm a Breast Cancer Survivor blessed by the gift of early detection, some really awesome doctors who treated me and tests that are available to all of us that created such a good outcome.

As I was going through all of this, I didn't share it because I didn't want to worry people. Gosh knows, there is enough in our world to worry about! My prognosis was always good because it was caught so early. Everything went without a hitch, not totally free of challenges, but as anticipated and now that it's all behind me I do feel renewed with a new lease on life.

I will share more about this in future posts because there is a big message I want to share with my Mom and women friends. The main one for now is this - we all hate mammograms and tests but they are oh-so important!

I count my blessings every day! I have many but with this experience a new one to add to my list.

I will be back blogging more regularly with a lot to share about life and business. There is a lot going on here - all of which went on simultaneously with treatments and medical stuff - making it almost impossible to keep up at times. Now that all of it is behind me, it's onward and upward (as my Mom always said). Time to "Spring Into Action"!

Here's wishing you a rich Spring full of that same committment to renewal, growth and ACTION!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Three Incredible VistaPrint Offers To Promote Your Business

If you are looking for printed items to personalize and promote your business, look no further than VistaPrint!

I have used them for years and highly recommend them. You can use your creativity and come up with some really incredible marketing pieces for pennies. That's a winner in today's economy!

Right now they are offering three special deals and I wanted to pass them along:

The Holiday Everything For $0 Sale allows you to get any items you want for FREE. All you pay is applicable shipping charges. Check it out HERE.

Buy One, Get One Free Premium Business Cards will give you one set of business cards for every set you order. BOGO is always good right? Check it out HERE.

Get One Free Calendar or Purchase 3 Calendars For The Price Of One - Your choice on this deal. Calendars make your customers remember you all year. Check it out HERE.

Plan ahead for a prosperous New Year while gearing up with business tools. Put your new marketing ideas into motion and let them fly!

Wishing you every success!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Here Are Some Great Articles For My WAHM Friends

Time really flies! As I look at my blog, it doesn't seem that long since I've shared with you on here but in reality it has. I see that when I look at the date of the last post. There's a lot going on with our family in the way of new changes, growth and a few bumps in the road even that have kept life both busy and interesting.

Thanksgiving was wonderful and we had a lot to be thankful for this year in the way of the blessing of having great friends in our lives, the positive changes that have taken shape in our lives and the answered prayers as we went through some of those bumps in the road.

Life is good and we are getting in the swing of the Holidays. Candles burning (but of course) and it's great to be enjoying the scents of Christmas Pine and Home For The Holidays, two of our Scent-Sational favorites.

My Cool Candle Business website has a lot of additions with more to come. One of those changes is the ability to learn more about our products with item specific links to our company webstore to make your shopping and browsing easier. Come check it out:


I wanted to pass along some recent articles that my WAHM friends might be interested in. I am proud to be the Home-Based Business Examiner for Orlando, Florida. I will have some exciting news to share soon about some of the writing I do on the internet (which I love to do). Can't wait to share it with you!

Check out my current Examiner articles. I would be grateful for your visit, any comments and if you would like to come follow me, I would appreciate it. Then you can get all the content right in your email inbox.

If you like to write as I do, please give me a shout at with the title "Writing" in the subject line. I have some suggestions on how you can get some great exposure for your business and share your passions online too. I would love to share my knowledge and expertise with you.

Enjoy my articles and please let me know what you think!

Making Money Helping Others Save Money This Holiday Season

Shopping From Smaller and Home Based Businesses This Holiday Season

25 Ways To Identify Potential Consultants For Your Direct Sales Business

2009 Statistics About The Direct Sales Industry

You can check out all my content on my Examiner page here.

Wishing you all the blessings of the Holiday Season!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why Making Mistakes Can Actually Be GOOD For You

It's a fact of human nature: We are all human and we all make mistakes. It's like the old saying goes "To err is human".

Our mistakes and blunders can cripple us if we let them. Fact is, we have all done things where we looked or acted silly and more. I think all of us can relate to having a list of things we wish we had "do-overs" on.

But making mistakes can be GOOD for you. I think sometimes we all need a reminder of that.

What you say? How can that about that which we wish we had a second chance on, the things that embarrass us to the point of putting our peppermint shoe in our mouth or wanting to slink under the carpet? Can that really good for us?


Let me explain......

Since each of us make mistakes, it's the lessons and life skills we learn from them that make them good for us.

Making a mistake can teach us to have a sense of humor. It can allow us to be less hard on ourselves and far less self-critical than we tend to be. Most of us are harder critics of ourselves than others. Giving yourself permission to make mistakes actually frees us up to be willing to laugh - about life, about mishaps and even at ourselves.

Making a mistake in retrospect often allowed us to try something new or different that is out of our norm. Think of it as stepping out of your normal box if you will. When we do what is contrary to the normal, we are actually taking risks and trying something new. In that, we are not letting fear cripple us and that in itself can be a good thing.

Making mistakes allows us to be ourselves and be true to ourselves. Sometimes you just have to do so regardless of the circumstances. It gives us freedom to embrace our individuality without worrying what others will say, think or do.

Making mistakes is part of trying and failing. But in that, the good flipside is you took a chance possibly at pursuing your dreams, goals or passions. That is a good thing too.

Making mistakes and moving beyond them actually is liberating in that it gives you the option of becoming a leader instead of a follower.

Today I find myself reflecting on these thoughts as I ran across a great article that addresses just such subject matter. I found myself having an "Aha" moment as I realized that the long list of mistakes I made actually made me more of who I am today. I find myself being okay with being far-from-perfect and knowing that mistakes are just a part of life. But what we do as a result can actually be GOOD for us. Now isn't that a great thought for today?

Here's the article for you and it's a pretty quick read. You'll find yourself realizing as I did that mistakes can be good for you:

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Miracle Momas Blog Party - Come Join The Fun!

It's a Blog Party and you are invited! We are proud to be participating in the Miracle Momas Blog Party and would love to have you join in the fun...

How does this Blog Party work you ask?

You visit the Miracle Momas blog. Everyone that wishes to participate should follow these instructions:

You write a post about the party on your blog on June 24th for everyone to visit. You can grab the button and include it as I have above and make sure you link back to the post on the Miracle Momas blog about the Blog Party please.

Then you hop over to the Miracle Momas blog and add your blog to the link up with a link to the party post on your blog. Pretty simple!

Starting on June 25th you can start visiting the blogs and leaving comments.

The Blog Party is June 25th and 26th.

There are also some prizes to be won plus we will be getting familiar with each other's blogs and following one another.

In order to be eligable to win any prizes you must visit at least 5 blogs. You will need to leave a comment on each blog and follow them if they have a follow widget. Keep track of the blogs you visit because you will need to come back here and leave ONE comment with a list of the blogs you followed.

Then visit the Party Prize Page and pick the top 3 prizes you would like win and leave a comment telling us what they are. All prizes are numbered and tell how many winners there are.

Let's have some fun with this and hope you will join in the fun! See you there!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Change Your Future - Our New Business In A Box Under $100!

Who says you can't launch a lucrative business and change your financial future for under $100? Our company has made it possible in these economic times! Wait until you see all you get in this great new startup option.

I am proud to introduce it to you and if you are thinking "What If...?" there has never been a better time or better way to change your life, start your own business and build your financial future.

This new Starter Package is guaranteed to kick your new candle business off right. You are going to love this package! You will be able to start sharing our great producst and making sales the day you receive it.

What's even better? It's a $190.70 savings off normal distributor wholesale costs! This is incredible....

You can get in on this new startup option for just $95.00! This is the ultimate way to get on the fast track to YOUR very own successful home based candle business. Boy, I wish they had this available when I started but I am loving being able to share it with those who are thinking about making a change in their lives by starting a home based business.

Introducing our Candle Party Startup Pack for just $95.00! Wow! (Plus tax and shipping, of course). Imagine the possibilities of being in business with product in hand within days of getting started. It's an INCREDIBLE value and savings!

Think of it as your new "Business In A Box". It is!

The Candle Party Startup Pack includes everything you need to do business "on the go" including scent samples and actual product you can sell - and be able to put instant retail profits in your pocket. From there, you are all set to share our products with others, lifestyling your business and building it YOUR way. There are many opportunities for retail: through one-on-one sales, get togethers, networking, expos fairs and shows, home parties and more!

The Candle Party Startup Pack (a value of $285.70) can be your's for just $95 and includes:

1 Scent Sample Bag - an easy take-along over the shoulder bag that's versatile and a wonderful business tool. Normal price is $195 just for the bag alone so this is a GREAT deal. Includes 80+ 1/2 ounce scent samples of all our popular fragrances so you can use our "Smell and Sell" technique to get orders. WOW!

1 16 Ounce Jar Candle
1 Signature Series Candle
1 Spa Sations Candle
1 Designer Series Candle
1 Pack of Melts (our wonderful version of the tart)
1 Bella Bath Bar
1 Scent Simmer Pot
1 Plug-In Scent Simmer/Nightlight Style
1 Package of 50 Catalogs to show, share and take orders from.

If you are thinking "What If....?" and today's economic times have you wondering about things, it's time to take the first steps towards your Plan B.

You can change the course of your financial future through our wonderful business opportunity. With this new startup option, you can also do so affordably without breaking the family bank and be on your way to creating a business that is flexible, family-oriented, quota free with no pressure or hype and committed team partners to help you succeed. Training and tons of information and guides are readily available.

All we need is YOU in the equation to make the change you desire in your life.

Visit my website today to request a Free Business Information Kit and sample. Or, why wait? Take the plunge and get started today! You'll be glad you did!